I have realised that my best work comes from that place deep inside - when I allow my brush to just move and add colour to the canvas in what would seem an illogical manner, for the work to be an emotional response to pent up dreams or the freedom of expression, where I sing at the top of my lungs. I sometimes slap the paint onto the canvas in a manner that shouts - I’m not worried about where this may lead…I will follow. All my work starts in this way. It’s honest.

For you it is more than just a picture on a wall - it will remind you of somewhere you’ve been or something you have felt and will bring you much joy for years to come.

My love for art started as way back as I can remember. I’ll start by relating some of those memories and hopefully take you on a journey, delving a little into what makes me the artist I am today.

I grew up in South Africa. As a little girl we lived on the outskirts of town on a large piece of land and days were often filled with looking for things to do. I remember often working through the pages of my colouring in book and feeling the absolute joy as I watched the pages come alive before me. I also remember tearing out all the pages of that book and plastering them all over my bedroom walls. My mother experimented with painting for a short period and I remember discovering her tools at the bottom of her wardrobe. I recall secretly opening up the little jars of paint and going through the colours as if it was a treasure trove of highly valued objects.

There is however one memory that stands out above them all. I think it’s the one which ignited the fire within me to become an artist: I was a high school art student, with an art teacher who was the most passionate, eccentric person I had ever met. I strove to reach the high standard she set for creating, which often felt unattainable. One particular task was to paint a self-portrait. I’d left this homework right up until the eleventh hour. So I opened my paints and knowing I didn’t have time to sit and draw with my paintbrush, I proceeded to apply the paint to my hands. The music was turned up really loud and I could feel the pulse of it through my body as I worked. I felt the absolute joy which comes when one is completely immersed in a task they love.  Little to my knowledge did I realize that what I had tapped into was the raw essence of my feelings. I remember it like it was yesterday. My teacher felt it too and this realisation that I had painted something which could be felt is what keeps me painting today.

I finished school, met my husband and settled down to have a family. I had a normal job while always pursuing my dream, to be a professional full time artist.  I approached galleries and was accepted by few and rejected by many. As time passed the dream became bigger and the desire to paint more permanently become a reality.  I have family and a dear friend and fellow artist, Natasha Barnes, whose belief in me and my work kept me on track to never loose sight or give up on my dream.

Providing artwork to people all over the world – artwork that has a function more than just the main element of design or decoration. It is an object that enriches your living and work spaces for years to come.

My birthplace, South Africa, is a place of wild open spaces, big skies, lots of colour and cultural diversity. It is where I still draw much inspiration from, as well as the serenity of my current home, New Zealand with its ever changing weather patterns and bucket loads of natural beauty. We moved to New Zealand from South Africa in 2007.

I spend most days in the studio painting and running Angela Maritz Art alongside being a wife and mother to our gorgeous son Zak. I’m living my dream and it’s only going to get bigger so thank you for following my progress, your positive comments and for buying my work!

I’d love for you to stay in touch and continue this journey with me. Please pop me a note to say hi or submit your details on this page to receive my studio updates, follow me, and be part of my progress (I promise not to share your details with anyone!)

Warm Regards

Angela x